Drupal's next-generation site structuring tool is here.

The category module allows you to structure your site into a tree-like hierarchy of pages, and to classify your dynamic content, all within one seamless interface. Gone are the days when these two tasks were carried out using separate and incompatible tools: now it's all one and the same. Built upon the solid foundations of the book and taxonomy modules, the category module overcomes the weaknesses of both these tools, to give you more power than ever before in customizing the navigational experience of your Drupal site.

This is the official support and documentation site for the category module. Here you can find tutorials, reference guides, and other useful resources relating to the category module.

Site overview

The main sections of the site are displayed as menu tabs at the top of every page. Head on over to the news section for all the site's news articles, including important announcements and such. The demo section allows you to play with a live demo of the category module. The docs section is where you'll find all documentation and reference material on the site. The roadmap outlines future plans for the category module. And finally, how to help explains how you can get involved and contribute to this project, in many ways, shapes, and forms.

Addditionally, there are a number of other useful little pages floating around that may be of use to you:

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Quick links

Some handy locations on drupal.org relating to the category module:

Get the category module
This page is the official home of the category module on drupal.org. Download it, find resources and support for it, etc.
Category CVS messages
CVS is used to centrally manage the versioning of all Drupal projects. This page will tell you every change that's ever been made to the category module, and a quick description of each change.
Original module proposal
Want to read the initial ideas and discussion that led to the category module's creation? It's all here in the original proposal.
Beta version forum thread
This was where people posted their questions and ideas when the module was in beta stage.